Sunday, November 20, 2016

Letters to My FBF #1

Dear future boyfriend,

I do not know who you are. I do not know if I have already met you or if I yet have to. But I know you are out there. I am patiently waiting, sitting out the days 'til our paths cross.

As early as now, let me set your expectations. Let me set your expectations that while you will be a priority once you come into my life and take on the role, you will never be priority number one. Never. And I need you to understand and accept that. 

My passions will always be my priority. That is running, traveling, and immersing myself if new adventures and new cultures. Please understand that I will always dedicate my Sunday mornings for long runs. That my body is set to wake up in the wee hours of the morning to train or to run a race. That I take pleasure in tiring myself out through a great workout because it makes me feel good. Please understand that I will constantly crave for adventure every now and then to detoxify from my stressful monotonous weekly work routines. That I will always need a perfect balance of the mountains and the seas to keep me sane. That keeping me in the confines of my house will drive me nuts. That my feet are always aching to take me to new places.

Of course, I would very much love for you to join me in all of these. Run with me and we will have a hearty breakfast afterwards. Train with me so we will both be physically healthy. Travel with me and we will explore new places and meet new faces together. But if for some reason, you can't then I would understand. But you need to understand that even without you, I would still do all of these things. Even if I end up doing it alone. Because I need to do them. For me. And if you cannot be supportive, then you are not the one.

These things have always been there for me and have kept me happy for the past few years. I know that you will make me very happy when we finally meet. But please know that I will never give up my passions for anyone, not even you. They are a huge part of who I am and they have molded me to the person that I am now. 

So read this before you enter my life. Read and understand and accept.

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