Saturday, December 31, 2016


Thank you.
For the hours-long conversations and the late night talks.
For telling me stories from the past and of your childhood.
For telling me about your hopes and dreams.

Thank you.
For taking me to places I've never been to.
For the long drives to beautiful destinations.
For the crazy and fun and spontaneous adventures.

Thank you.
For running with me in the wee hours and for the hearty breakfasts that followed.
For the night runs in the city.
For your unwavering confidence in me in all my races.
For the pep-talk when I was the one losing confidence in myself.
For the support you have given.

Thank you.
For sticking with me in times of trouble.
For never failing to make me smile.
For being there when I thought I had no one.

Thank you.
For the lunch and dinner dates.
For all the time that we have spend together.
For the sunsets and day breaks we've shared.
For the laughter and jokes in between.

Thank you.
For opening your world up to me.
For life lessons your presence brought to me.
For the amazing people I have met through you.
For adding new hues to my already colorful life.
For your existence in my life.

Thank you.
For being you.

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