Thursday, December 1, 2016


I don't have to but...

I would stitch up all the holes in the ozone layer
Just so you can breathe easily
So you can finally taste the fresh air

I would shout at all the screaming voices in your head
So I can silence them
And I would shush all the voices in your head
To end the conversations that never happen
Until you hear them no more
Until your head is finally at peace

I would hold your hand so tightly and pull you in on dry land
So I can save you from drowning in your emotions and pain
Heck, I would even build a bridge or a boat for you
So don't even have to worry about drowning

I would use all my strength to stop the hands of the clock
That never stops ticking from past to present
And even to the unseen future

I would wrestle with the invisible hands that strangle you
And I would fight your battles
So you will finally be free of them

I would douse you with cold water
To stop the fire that burns you from the inside
And I would engulf you in my arms
To make you feel warm when the cold envelops you

Oh yes, I would engulf you in my arms
And hold you so tight
Just to keep you from trembling
Just to keep you stable

I don't have to but I would
I will

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