Sunday, December 25, 2016

What I Brought Upon Myself

It's like getting cramps in the middle of a run
You pause for a bit, waiting for pain to subside
And once it does, you find yourself running again but awkwardly, afraid that it might happen again

It's like running an uphill road
You feel your legs burn yet you can't stop
You find yourself in pain yet you know you just have to keep going

It's climbing a mountain and slipping down its slope
You try to stop yet you just keep falling and sliding down

It's like running an ultramarathon on a sprained ankle
Every step and stride hurts like hell yet you know you have to keep going
Because you thought that once it's over, the pain would stop
But that's not how it is
Because even if you cross the finishline, the pain and sprain will linger

It's like getting a tattoo
You feel the needle piercing your skin
Every time it does, you cringe in pain
And once it's over, it leaves you marked for life

That's how it is
It's painful and it destroys you momentarily
And you find yourself in so much pain that you never imagine your body can absorb
The pain will eventually go
But it will leave you scarred forever

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