Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Tales from My Travels: Line-Up

It was morning. It was the start of a new day. I woke up, still hungover from partying the night before. As much as I would love to curl in bed some more, I knew that it was the perfect day to catch some waves. That and getting some much needed saltwater would definitely cure my hangover. So I hurriedly changed into my swimsuit, put on some sunblock, grabbed my rash guard, and made my way down to the beach.

That morning was perfect. The sun was up and the beach was already bustling with activities. Swimming, sunbathing, walking on the shore, taking photos and posing for photos, and having surfing lessons. I sat on the sand, sank my toes in it while feeling the hot sun on my skin. I loved every minute of it. I sat there watching the people going about their beach activities. 

After I while, I decided to grab a board and walked to the ocean. The moment I felt the waves kiss my feet, I knew I was home. I walked further until I was in waist-deep waters. The water was cool but not too cold. I got on the board and paddled my way to the line-up. The line-up is the spot in the ocean where the surfers literally line up to catch some waves. It's the spot where they wait for the wave that's perfect for them to ride. There were already many surfers that morning and I joined them, calling out hello's. We were all waiting for our turn, for our wave. 

You see, when the right wave comes along, you can see it from a distance. You anticipate it as it approaches you. And as it inches even closer, you feel the adrenaline rush. Now, you have to have that perfect timing so you can start paddling to move forward, then stand, and ride that wave all the way back to the shore. The ride may only last a few moments but there's nothing quite like the feeling of riding a wave. Sometimes, you will get wiped out but that's a part of it and to be honest, wipe-outs are fun as long as you don't get injured. Once the ride is over, then you get back on the board and make your way back to the line-up again, and then repeat.

In a way, life is like a huge line-up and waves are opportunities that just keep coming. There are some that you deliberately miss. There are some that you really want to ride, but you end up missing by accident. But when the timing is perfect, then you get to ride it. When you do, own it and relish the feeling. At first, it may be scary because you are in open water and you'll never know what's down there, but if you have guts, then you can conquer that fear. If you have guts and if the timing is perfect, you can take on any wave that life throws your way.

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