Sunday, June 18, 2017

Le Coucher Du Soleil

I sat on the sand, digging my toes in it, as I watched the sky change colors from light blue to yellow orange to red orange to purple, with each shade becoming more and more intense until it finally becomes dark. And as the sun set, I felt melancholy wash over me. 

I have always loved watching sunsets because I love how beautiful they always are, regardless of where I'm watching it from. I also love how sunsets can bring out so many different emotions in me. If I was having a good day, then watching the sunset tends to bring out desolation in me as I would feel sorry to see that day end. If I was having a bad day, the sunset tends to make me feel relieved that the day is finally over. Sunsets also have that effect on me wherein I tend to reflect on what transpired the whole day. 

Sunsets are always bittersweet. For one, they symbolize endings. Endings to a day, a good one or otherwise. In my lifetime, the majority of goodbye's that I bid, temporary and permanent, happened as the sun was setting. Not that it was my intention as they were purely coincidences. And as sunsets happen, they bring out the darkness. Darkness, which symbolizes uncertainty and the unknown - something that humans commonly fear, whether they admit it or not. 

Sunsets are bittersweet because while they symbolize endings, they also signal the coming of another day - a new one. A new day for new chances and new opportunities. A new day for a fresh start. A new day to forget the previous day's mishaps and a promise to make this one better than the last. And quoting my favorite TV series, "new is always better".

But what I love the most about sunsets is that they give a whole new perspective on endings. The sunset is the universe's way of telling us that not all endings are sad, and that some endings can be beautiful too. 

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